Landscapes of Patmos

This is a live recording of Petr Eben’s “Landscapes of Patmos” (Images from the Revelation of St. John), made March 20, 2017 at Shepherd School of Music, Rice University. Bryan Anderson is on organ and Keith Hammer, III is on percussion. This dramatic and mystical work is not heard often, despite Eben’s brilliant orchestration between the ensembles and blazing depictions of the apocalypic symbols. At you can find written notes that explain the associations and allusions within this piece.

Candidate for CIOC 2017

This October, I’m excited to be traveling to Montreal for the 2017 Canadian International Organ Competition. The competition has three live rounds over three weeks, presenting a formidable challenge to the candidates. In addition, the CBC will be filming a documentary about the competition for wide release. I’m very excited about the possibilities this event offers! The link below has information on all the candidates selected.

2017 Competition–CIOC

Durufle Trio

This is a 2014 performance of Maurice Durufle’s rarely heard Opus 3 (his only chamber work), Prelude, Recitatif, et Variations.  Though his organ and choral works are better remembered, his other works are equally effective and wonderful.  The performers are Brendan Dooley(flute), Ren Martin-Doike(viola), and Bryan Anderson(piano).